"The Maidbot Superstar Nonet"

Vanessa Benoit

Vanessa has experience from video games/VNs to anime under Crunchyroll, and gives Shireywha a soft and beautiful voice.

Abby Espiritu

Abby has incredibly noteworthy experience as VA for video games such as Genshin Impact, GoV: NIKKE and many more, and for good reason, her performance as Kyvzaki was perfect!


With lots of roles on anime under Crunchyroll, UkuLeili gave us an amazing and adorable performance as Mar!

Jennifer Alyx

An outstanding VA with multiple noteworthy roles in Anime under Crunchyroll, she brings an amazingly high level performance as Taikavoran!

Taylor Morrison

A very talented VA, streamer and cosplayer, she was the very first VA in the project! Taylor makes an incredible Yandere!

Tanja Tjong

Very funny Vtuber and VA, both working with her and watching her streams were very nice experiences.

Dayeanne Hutton

A well known and beloved VA, with impactful past roles such as Kate Marsh from Life is Strange and Harriet Smith from Emma Approved. She provides the perfect magical girl voice for the game.

Alyssa Ferrari

A very experienced VA who gives Zero the perfect bubbly voice, her performance was superb!

Reagan Kathryn

A cosplayer and VA, she's known for her roles in Eternal Return:Black Survival, Genshin Impact and MapleStory, she gives an emotional and unique touch to the Dark Maiden.